Discover the CYL Difference. From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff and immerse yourself in a spa-like experience that is unique from other traditional infrared and massage methods and technologies.

Traditional Sauna vs Infrared Sauna
Our Pods vs Their Cabins

Infrared sauna works by gently heating your body from the core, not the air around you like in traditional dry and wet saunas. At CYL you'll never feel sticky or smelly like at a gym. Infrared heat penetrates your tissues, gently bringing up your core temperature. The sweat comes from deep within the cells, pulling toxins out of muscles and tissues, which is different than traditional saunas, which are more akin to just sweating outside in the sun.

Our saunas are "pod" style where you will lay down on a thick memory foam pad inside a retractable dome contained within a private and spa like suite. The pad and the dome emit infrared so your whole body will be heated to your core from both sides at the same time. During your entire session, your head will remain outside the pod, comfortably breathing room temperature air. Our pods differ from other infrared sauna studios, which typically provide a "cabin" style experience, where you sit in a glass chamber on a hard bench. Unlike ours, their style does not allow your head to remain outside the infrared heat so it can feel oppressive and claustrophobic.

Why ILR is Better
Than Foam Rolling or Manual Massage

If you do foam rolling (or if you should but don't like most people), think of ILR as "foam rolling on steroids" but gentler and it provides a deeper and much more comprehensive rolling experience than traditional foam rolling, which often uses a cylindrical tube or a ball. With foam rolling, it is often difficult to properly sustain correct positions to achieve relief. Our lymphatic rolling machines easily keeps your body in the optimal position and our guided videos ensure that you are always rolling lymph towards your heart.

With manual lymphatic massage, you rely upon a technician who uses their hands and often a roller stick on your body. Sometimes, they cause excessive bruising and pain by not applying the proper amount of pressure. They often cannot replicate the repetitive rolling capabilities of our machines.