Change Your Life with a Free Sweat + Roll!

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What are Infrared Sauna and Rolling Sessions Good For?

Post-workout recovery, reducing inflammation & pain, eliminating toxins, decreasing stress & anxiety, boosting immunity, improving sleep and by the way, it feels amazing!

Please select a location to book your free combination session

Book your free 60 minute combination session today! Ignore the price on our booking page. Just bring the QR card you received to redeem this special free offer!

During your 60 minute appointment in our Dallas and Cherry Creek locations, you will experience 30 minutes of video guided lymphatic rolling immediately followed by 30 relaxing minutes in a private infrared sauna pod.

Our video guides you on rolling your entire body, from your feet to your shoulders & arms. You control the speed and pressure of the machine to make it a very enjoyable pain-free experience. Our infrared saunas provide maximum detoxification and the removal of toxins and lactic acid from your body. You will leave the studio refreshed and reinvigorated!

Sorry, our Boulder location only has infrared sauna services at this time so if you wish to experience the sweat + roll, please visit Cherry Creek.

We look forward to greeting you in the studio soon!

Infrared Lymphatic Rolling

Come experience Infrared Lymphatic Rolling in either of our 2 Dallas studios! Think of it as foam rolling on steroids but without the uncomfortable positions and pain. Make this part of your workout recovery and overall wellness routine today!

Infrared Sauna

In just 30 minutes, you will sweat like you just finished a big cardio session. You can burn up to 300 calories while laying down on a memory foam infrared pad just chilling with a cold essential oil infused towel on your forehead!

Offer valid for new CYL clients only for appointments booked anytime in 2023. Offer is non-transferable. Proof of affiliation with partner may be required.