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Crystal Callipari and her family are the owners of CYL Infrared Studios in Boulder, Cherry Creek, Dallas & Memphis. They are passionate about wellness and, in particular, spreading the word about the incredible benefits of infrared and lymphatic therapy! They invite you to enjoy a free session at one of their 5 studios.

What are Infrared Sauna and Rolling Sessions Good For?

Post-workout recovery, reducing inflammation & pain, eliminating toxins, decreasing stress & anxiety, boosting immunity, improving sleep and by the way, it feels amazing!

We offer infrared sauna sessions in all locations and also offer infrared lymphatic rolling in our 2 Dallas studios.

Ready to give it a try? Just pick a location and use offer code VIPFREE for a complimentary sauna, roll or combo session. If you decide that you love the CYL infrared experience after your 1st session, we ask that you post about it on your social accounts and be sure to tag the CYL location where you experienced our services and great customer service! If you are feeling really generous with your time, we always appreciate 5 star reviews too!

Infrared Lymphatic Rolling - Dallas Studios

If you reside in or visit Dallas, you need to come experience Infrared Lymphatic Rolling in either of our 2 studios! Think of it as foam rolling on steroids but without the uncomfortable positions and pain. Make this part of your workout recovery today!

Infrared Sauna - All Studios

In just 30 minutes, you will sweat like you just finished a big cardio session. You can burn up to 300 calories while laying down on a memory foam infrared pad just chilling with a cold essential oil infused towel on your forehead! 

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Please call or email any of our 5 studios or DM us on Instagram.